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A year and a half ago I started a website about meal prep with 5 menus to cook ahead for several days. During my search for nice pictures of the dishes, I decided to design and photograph the plates myself. I didn't want to make boring pictures, so I let my creativity loose. This got a bit out of hand, ending in animals, skylines and portraits. I am a graphic designer by training so that's why :)


My kids encouraged me to post this on Instagram, where I don't even have an account yet, and this ended in an unexpected 22,000 followers!


After several online features ( Bored Panda, 9Gag, Wix, Talenthouse, My Modern Met, Marie Claire etc. and interviews, I received all kinds of requests for interviews, assignments and workshops, some of which I have carried out, some have been postponed due to Covid-19 and are still on the planning in the future. Currently I am working on several workshops for adults and children. Check the prices page for all the possibilities!

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